xcopy equivalent ubuntu – linux find command between date

Xcopy is windows command, using xcopy you can find files between date.Using xcopy you can coppy move files with physical paths to destination.

In ubuntu(Linux) you can find files equivalent to xcopy using find command.In find command you have to pass source directory , from date, upto date and destination.This will simply copy files to given destination directory that is changes between given dates.


find your_source_directory_full_path  -type f -mmin -$(((`date +%s`-`date -d 20141120 +"%s"`)/60)) \! -mmin +$(((`date +%s`-`date -d 20141121 
+"%s"`)/60)) -exec install -D {} your_destination_directory/{} \;  

20141120:- This is from date 2014-11-20

20141121:- This is upto date 2014-11-21

This command will copy files to destination directory for files that is changed between 2014-11-20 to 2014-11-21