Ubuntu magento cron setup

  • Check whether crontab is installed or not ?
    –> you can check same by fire command to command line crontab -e

    if you see result of crontab -e command then it is working otherwise you have to install cron service.

    –> If cron service is not installed you can install it by command
    sudo apt-get install cron
  • Now we need to set cron for magento
    –> crotab -e
  • 3. add cronjob for every 15 min to run.you can add following to cron tab
    15 * * * * /usr/bin/php -f /media/DATA/NIK/NIK/phpProjects/i13websolution.com/cron.php # JOB_ID_2

    OR Another Way

    15 * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q http://13websolution.com/cron.php # JOB_ID_3





    15 * * * * –> is execute cron for every 15 min

    /usr/bin/php is path of php where php executable is located
    -f is php command line argument
    /media/DATA/NIK/NIK/phpProjects/i13websolution.com/cron.php is full path of magento cron.php file is located.
  • you can check and verify cron is working or not by checking magento mysql table cron_schedule.

See visual video explanation bellow