Magento 2 Add Coupon Code

Here is how to create Coupon Code.

For example you want to set “10%” off on whole cart when total of cart 200 or more

1.Login to admin panel of magento2.

2.Goto “MARKETING” in left panel and then click “Cart Price Rule” and Click “Add New Rule”

3.Click on “Rule Information” and set Rulename,Coupon,Coupon code and other required information.

4.If you want any condition like for example cart price = 200 or greaterthen 200

5.Now goto “Actions” and set Pricing Structure Rules like discount amout,Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To and more..

6.Goto “Labels” if you want to set(optional)

7.Click “Save”

8.If it is ask for clear cache the goto “SYSTEM” in Left panel and then Click “Cache Management”

Thats All see bellow video demonstration