php mcq questions with answers

A String literal is a _____.
A. only contains one character
B. contains numbers rather than letters
C. sequence of characters in double quotation marks
D. contains exactly its variable name and nothing else
To create a string literal exclude escape sequence, use:
A. !string
B. @string
C. may extend another class
D. a and b
E. all of the above
String indexers treat strings as:
A. binary code
B. 1 to string Length
C. arrays of characters
D. a character
If an IndexofAny method is passed an array of characters it:
A. finds the first occurrence of each letter in the string
B. searches for the first occurrence of any of the characters in the string
C. will search for the first occurrence of the sequence of characters
D. generates an error
Concatenating with strings are done with:
A. reserved words
B. method calls
C. operator overloading
D. operator overloading and method calls