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Responsive Slider Preview

Butterfly image description
grass image description
The Wall Of china description
This is image description..
Global earth image

WP Vertical Image Slider Pro Features

  1. add unlimited images.
  2. Responsive slider
  3. Mass Images Uploads.
  4. Image name is used as alt tag for seo.
  5. change slider background color.
  6. Preview slider before use it.
  7. Set number of visible image into slider.
  8. Set number of image to scroll at a time.
  9. Pause on mouse over or not.
  10. Automatic scroll or with left and right arrow scroll.
  11. Slider installation into theme is simple just add shortcode to theme or pages/posts.
  12. Changes to images height,width
  13. Changes to slider speed is easy.
  14. Slider as slide with arrow left and right arrow.
  15. Slider as circular slider
  16. Featured image in vertical slider
  17. Easing Effects


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