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It does have some interesting features though, including a drag-and-drop editor for you to create your own page templates on which to display your testimonials. You can also add custom fields to your testimonials to display whatever additional information you’d like.
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This is a basic, flexible plugin that’s ideal for those who know their way around code but don’t want to create a plugin from scratch. The developer is also very involved with the userbase and open to suggestions, and often incorporates new features to the plugin based on user suggestions.
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  1. Unlimited Testimonial Sliders (Multiple Sliders).
  2. Unlimited Testimonial submitter form.
  3. Support 5 diffrent slider styles.
  4. Support Five Star ratings.
  5. Support random slider Feature.
  6. Support Color Change for slider arrows & quotes color.
  7. Support for change of font size and font color.
  8. Support for show hide quotes mark.
  9. Support author link.
  10. Responsive Layout
  11. Support Fade transition mode.

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