php mcq questions with answers

When a transaction reports no affected rows, it means that: (Choose 2)
A.The transaction failed
B.The transaction affected no lines
C.The transaction was rolled back
D.The transaction was committed without error
What is the maximum size of the VARCHAR column type?
A.255 Bytes
B.255 Characters
C.512 Bytes
D.512 Characters
E.No Limit
How can XML parsing errors be suppressed in the SimpleXML extension?
E.simplexml_load_file("file.xml", LIBXML_NOERROR);
What will the following code print? echo addslashes('I am a <b>small</b> "HTML" string, which is \'invalid\'</u>.');
A.I am a <b>small</b> "HTML" string, which is 'invalid'</u>.
B.I am a <b>small</b> \"HTML\" string, which is \'invalid\'</u>.
C.I am a <b>small</b> \"HTML\" string, which is \\'invalid\\'</u>.
D.I am a <b>small</b> \"HTML\" string, which is \\\'invalid\\\'</u>.
E.I am a \<b\>small\<\/b\> "HTML" string, which is 'invalid'\<\/u\>.
What is the output of the following code? <?php $a = 'a'; $b = 'b'; echo isset($c) ? $a.$b.$c : ($c = 'c').'d'; ?>